I found this band, i think through friends, about 2 years ago via myspace, at the time they had a handful of friends and not very big at all only performing around there home in London, all of a sudden there appearing everywhere, and its amazing to see. I love there homemade sound, its very different. The XX

THIS is getting me excited, a campaign to make RATM Christmas number one, such a fantastic idea. A quote from the face book group "I love to see the people take the power, it's a beautiful thing. We can do this." The thing that makes this even better is this was RTAM's ethos on everything, Ive got my fingers crossed!

I like car journeys with nan, topics range from how every puzzle in the Freshwater bay Library on the Isle of wight always had a piece missing, to why we should vote BNP in the next election.

Why is our Christmas tree up on the 4th of December?

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