I don't know, I've been talking to a friend this morning who says 'I'm looking forward to freedom' referring to passing a driving test. I fully understand where they are coming from, and to them it may make sense. But to relay on a vehicle to grant you freedom, surely there is something wrong there?

It may give you the opportunity to transport yourself form A to B faster than other means, but is that freedom? I like to think i have freedom, and i do, i have unlimited, endless, unimaginable freedom. I could walk out my front door right now and go anywhere i wanted, and with enough bits of queens headed paper in my pocket i could be in Scotland before the sunsets or Drinking a Twinnings in Hyde park by Tea time. Using my Bike i could go anywhere i wanted also, it may require more effort, but if something is worth travelling for then its justifiable.


Oh my Gosh.

Without sounding like a young teenage girl, i cant actually wait for Leeds now. I mean, Arcade Fire, Crystal Castles, Cypress Hill, Blink 182, Limp Bizkit, QOTSA, Yeasayer and of course Gogol Bordello. I am going to buy as much purple as i can for that one. Happy times, Thankyou ever so much Hannah. Happy days.

You really must watch this video, its full of joy.


Clocks have gone forward, longer brighter nights, happy times. Ha ha i was looking through a few old folders of pictures this morning, there is some cringe worthy photos. As if i wore this hat out and about. Good old tip-ex.

I hate how social networking sites can elude false egos and pretences about people, most of the time before even meeting them, you already have this idea growing in your mind of there attitudes and whether or not they are a fan of 'cheryl cole's ass' or 'i can sing the fresh prince theme tune' I mean, seriously? I like to not give myself away on sites like that, don't join pointless 'pages' or 'groups' not informing people of when I'm doing pointless daily chores or letting people, who couldn't care less know that 'last night was amazing.' I like a rant. I also like a blog. Both achieved.

This song has been in my head a while. Have a good Sunday.

How do i get Blog Followers? hmmm.


Ingenious, Today has been hectic, lots of orders, lots of deliveries, lots of happy times. New bike sorted, very happy, amazing new music discovered. Yes.

Also, the taste of a cold Gaymers is a great feeling, accompanied by this song, and the view of my new BMX out the corner of my eye.  don't want to move.


If i ever came into a lot of money, or could justify spending a few thousand then i would use it to get this band over in the UK and get them on the road to success. I've been listening to Eskimo and sons for about 3 years now, and there song 'No Shit' still remains my favourite songs, possibly ever. I just want more people to hear there music. Sadly on there once thriving myspace page, they have now edited it too 'unsigned' and 'deceased' describing there record label and band members. But please still check it out, and let me know what you think. www.myspace.com/eskimoandsons

Today has been a great day, i managed to swindle a new BMX frame at a very cheap price and have been up the shed fixing bikes. My Eden.


Today seems to be a good day so far. Woke up to Planet Rock radio, the presenter was just about to introduce this song, and as i put my glasses on it kicked in, ace. Good day of sales too, stoked.

Listening to Dan Le Sac vs Scroobius pip whilst sorting emails, packing orders and, well, writing this blog. If religion is merely taking into account the words of someones beliefs and acting upon them, then maybe these songs and this album could be mine, they make a damn sight more sense than a 2000 year old illusionist.


Well, yesterday (Monday) was 'one of those days.' It wasn't over fast enough and I'm glad to see the back of it.
  • bike puncture in the morning
  • couldn't fix puncture
  • had to get train (spending money, my pet hate.)
  • Made a fool of myself on the train when i didn't recognise someone i should have known, only to have slurred conversation with, i didn't know what i was saying,.
  • Find out the train to Hykem has an hour and a half wait.
  • Decide to walk from Lincoln train station to Hykem
  • 2 hours of full on walking later, i arrive
  • Feeling ill and knackered, tried to fix puncture. Went down
  • Fixing it the second time, goes down again
  • Beans for the day come out the can with a strange white froth Ergh!
  • Decide to make a cup of tea after all this. Milk had gone off, white lumps everywhere.
Anyways, today is a new day, and a good one so far. Happy days.

Being peer pressured my mum into a tattoo, any ideas?


I really like this smell.

I found this picture on another Blog sashafoster.blogspot.com Have a look, i thought it was fantastic.

I see MB board games are adapting with the times, with a new board game release.

Anyway, dirt jumps wont dig themselves, a few hours digging, bike ride to Lincoln, evening at Hannah's, bike ride to Neils, day packing orders. Then home. Yes

Ah. I've put the comment option thingy up on my blog now, so you can comment my posts if you really really want too.


Okay, so, this picture is what my eyes look like, these are my actual eyes, its pretty interesting.

I've spent the day having scans, pictures, and hearing results from blood tests. I don't enjoy it. I scanned the picture upside down, the right eye on the photo is actually my left, the white circle area is where my eye ruptured last year, and skin hasn't grown back as thick.

Apparently i now have another syndrome, involving joints and general lankiness, my wingspan has increased too about 10cm more that it should be. I think they make it up. I feel fine.

I got a leaflet about looking after myself and maintaining my eyes for as long as possible, exercise and good food they say. I'll stick to it then.

OH and i made mum a CD.

Hey There, how, how's it going?
Long time no see.
I know I haven't been around much lately
But... it didn't seem like you wanted me to be
The last time I sent down a message you nailed it to the cross
So I figured I'd just leave you to it, let you be your own boss.



New Spade.

So, it hurts to make a fist due the the blisters on my hands, trails are coming on. Summer is round the corner.

You reap what you sow.
You ride what you grow.

No more energy drinks for me, i thaught i was going to faint, head rushes are scary when balancing a long handles spade above your head. New Gorillaz album is nice, easy listening. Dan Le Sac s Scroobious pip tomorrow, cant wait.


Labour of love.


You know, weird topic for me to write about or even suggest i know, but its on my mind so hey, it goes on my blog.

I find the look of La Roux so fresh and pure and it is so so nice. The complete lack of make-up, sure shes been photo shopped a bit and has some on, but the fact shes so minimal and clean is, to me its really attractive. I didn't realise or even take note until my friend from Germany Eva commented to me after a visit to the UK how the majority of girls our age dresses up for daily routine like they are going for a night out, and its so true. Anyway blabla, you could say it grinds my gears, but it doesn't really, its just nice to see some fresh, clean, happy faces. Happy days.

Digging down the park today, so much hassle, we are getting there, it seems everything wants to hold us back.
  • Lorry ordered was wrong (and cancelled)
  • Tractor trailer orders cancelled on us
  • New tractor/trailer gets stuck in field on first run
  • JCB snaps chain in half pulling it out
  • JCB then gets puncture on the way back to fill up
Tomorrow is a new day, and a new tractor trailer. This song is Apt. Freaking out indeed




The concept of.
Money makes the world go round

Been in the woods all day mixing cement ready for a new foot bridge, its actually been quite nice, blue skies, sound of water, good company. Happy.
Party time, Excellent.


I need.

Ergh, don't feel good, for some reason I've felt incredibly sleepy this afternoon for no apparent reason and it's a wound me up no end, stuff to be done. Somebody buy me a new BMX frame? I'm drinking the dirtiest, most disgusting cup of coffee at the moment, it tastes and smells vile. Hopefully it will wake me up though.

Hmm this kind of did the trick. Now to get some work done, the next 3 days will be spent building a bridge in the middle of the woods, I'm not looking forward to it if I'm honest as i know I'll want my bike, just hope the weathers good.

String is the perfect metaphor for life in many, many ways i have been thinking.


Exciting things in the post, curious stamps, even more curious words. a compact hour of listening. Fantastic.
  • Nice Friday afternoon surprises
  • UP
  • Walking a rat/sheep excuse for a dog
  • Having a laugh riding with friends and in good company down the park
  • Making a tasty pasta dish with enough garlic to assure my safety from vampires for at least the next 10 years
  • Moth man prophecies
  • A cold cider in the evening
  • Baking cakes and decorating them to Michelin standards
  • Dubbing most haunted
  • Surprise letters in my boxers
Exquisite weekend good chap


Marianne's a bitch, aparently

Good weekend everybody. Oh Hey


I don't know if I've been over this, but, the word 'content'

It confuses me a lot, if someone says they are content, does this mean there happy / it'll do, i guess / could be better but I'm comfortable with this. I don't know, does it mean, I'm happy, i don't want anything other? Hey i don't know, its not a word in the dictionary of Ben anyway. No thank you.

Fantabulus, now that's a word. It means fantastic and fabulous, its in Ben's dictionary as its a straightforward word meaning blady marvelous. Yes

Sunshine - wheels - friends - laughs - waking up to the sound of birds - Hannah's 'I'm mad at you but I'm also about to burst out laughing face' - the thought of ice cold Cider - Single lane roads with a single geared bike - scooting pallet trucks - Tuna in spring water. I've enjoyed today. Seans acoustic set at the George, better be off.


Been thinking and reading Lyrics lots, i think i have come up with the first idea for an album cover, its quite deep though, although looking at his previous album covers like the pink Floyd ones this distortion might be quite apt.

Anyway the picture above made me laugh out loud, i figured I'd share it. Its more the expression on the left owls face.



March seems to have been the turning point with the weather, its so sunny! Ive had a couple of really nice bike rides in the past couple of days too, the, by yourself with an ipod, country lanes, minimal traffic kind. Been taking pictures with my film, no idea what they are going to look like, which is why they are so exciting. Obviously my pedals arrived, eager to see how these go. Good. I hope.

My computers making a weird fan noise and feels pretty damn hot, i best turn it off for a bit.

This is getting me excited.