Clocks have gone forward, longer brighter nights, happy times. Ha ha i was looking through a few old folders of pictures this morning, there is some cringe worthy photos. As if i wore this hat out and about. Good old tip-ex.

I hate how social networking sites can elude false egos and pretences about people, most of the time before even meeting them, you already have this idea growing in your mind of there attitudes and whether or not they are a fan of 'cheryl cole's ass' or 'i can sing the fresh prince theme tune' I mean, seriously? I like to not give myself away on sites like that, don't join pointless 'pages' or 'groups' not informing people of when I'm doing pointless daily chores or letting people, who couldn't care less know that 'last night was amazing.' I like a rant. I also like a blog. Both achieved.

This song has been in my head a while. Have a good Sunday.

How do i get Blog Followers? hmmm.


  1. lol I love the hat. And is that your hair? I so want a bright colour like that..but I also want it white..
    Sometimes false pretences can be good? The person can sometimes turn out to be better than they seem. And I so don't know much about Cheryl Cole, but I totally thought she was all pretty when J showed me some clips of Britain's got talent..then he told me it was the fake kind of pretty. ruined it -_- lol
    As for followers, I think just commenting on other's blogs works, they'll see it and a lot follow you back or at least check out your blog. Or if someone mentions you in theirs.
    Oh, and ..England is *somuchbetter* than america lol, but I may just think that because I'm here, not there
    Hope you had a good sunday too ^_^

  2. haa thankyou :) it was red like that, now its more blonde like the picture on the right :)
    That is very true i agree, and Cheryl Cole, personally im not a fan at ALL haha, but each to there own haha :)


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