Mums been busy again. Mr Scruff is the theme for the day.

Ive been given the exciting task of designing an album cover for my unlces new CD, i cant wait to get some ideas flowing, very very excited.


I loaded up my first film camera yesterday, and this is it. Its one i dug out of dads wardrobe that's been collecting dust for years upon years. I'm going to see how it goes and if i enjoy film, i want to use a lot of film images with the company as opposed to digital. The rawness and genuine feel to the pictures has never been used by anyone in the context of advertising before. I want too.

Provisional driving license came through today. Joy.


I hate the tedious journey to Hykem. it takes me about 1 hour 30 mins in total, and at this time of year leaves me with numb fingers, toes, out of pocket and isn't the best start to any day. I cant complain though. So i wont. Ignore the first sentence.

On the way in today, i, as usual had the shuffle playing, this Green day song came up. Ive heard this song a billion times (that probably isn't an exaggeration either) but Ive never listened to it. It makes so much sense and, at the time i had it dining in my ears it felt like it was wrote for me.

Got to make a plan,
Got to do what's right,
Can't run around in circles,
If you wanna build a life,
But I don't want to make a plan,
For a day far away,
While I'm young and while I'm able,
All I want to do is...


With everything that's worth doing there is always a reward, I do enjoy biking up hills to see what there is at the top, its very rewarding. Looking forward to the summer, or remotely warmer days to be able to do it more often. Soggy discarded bails make for good places to lye with just an ipod company. I do enjoy time on my own sometimes to think and relax. Bjork. Interesting.


Severe lack of motivation.

A genre 'Dubbed' (no pun intended) so ruthless and inhert can also sound crisp and clean. I enjoy


Finally finished the finishing touches to my wheels today, very pleased with how they turned out. Catching a train in 30 minutes to Lincoln, should probably start to get ready. It was nice to spend time down the Chase today, even if it was only 30 minutes, everyone's idea of a good time is so jaded and different, i struggle to keep up.

Right, must dash, looking forward to the bike home tomorrow morning, should be fresh.


I have severely lagged on the blog front this week, lots happening, lots still to do busy busy.

Slug and Lettuce times, Mangers with ice times
Sun on a Tuesday times
Charity shop cheap price times
Donnie Darko times, Pasta and rice times

Fun times.

So much work to do today, with the spoke order coming through i have days of work to catch up on. I need more hours in a day to keep everyone happy.

I aspire to have the motivation needed to delete my social networking accounts one day.

I wonder if anyone reads these blogs. . . .



I have never felt so appreciated, the 14th of February was a good day for me, this is the reason i write this blog, to look back on day like this and pictures i take, to remind me of fantastic times past. Oh happy days. If karma is real, and the best things in life truly are free i should also have my rage against the machine ticket tomorrow. We shall see.


This may be a long one, so hear me out. Infact, press play on the video while you read.

Last night Ashley picked me up for a kind of last minute excursion to see the ram raid play in Grimsby. Talking shite like we always do on the way we, like always reminisced of times past, and just how scarily time flies. The last song played in the car before we got to the gig bought back floods of memories from my late teens (18/19) when i had my bike shop. And it felt great.

This song is by no means a decent song, and this version is very seedy and rough, but, it is the only version, and this is how we remember it. When i hear this i remember one very overplayed DVD called PROPS Best of 2002 it was an old and free DVD i picked up years prior, this wasn't one of the soundtracks to this DVD funnily enough, but it was one from another DVD (Roadfools 14) equally aged in the shops DVD player though. When Friday came many late nights were spent wedged 5 up on my dirty old sofa in the back of the shop, Props on the TV, vodka in our Tesco smoothies and the special offer four X lager from forbuoys. Regardless of the shop, we all felt carefree, it was bliss. Setting the shop alarm late at night drunk and not seeing the buttons straight proved interesting. Rasen Bikes.


Absolutely everything, everything, is about will power. Its such a strong persistence that controls anything and everything you do. If your body is fueled up on dopamine telling you things are good and you need to do them more, its your will power that is the driving force, and determines what you do and things you choose to do. I like to challenge my will power. I know a lot of Wills.


I cant think of anything interesting or constructive to say, yet feel the need to write a blog. I finally got something that could loosely be called a website on the go today which is good. I've realised as much as i despise how everything becomes reliable to social networking sites it will be hard to ever leave them. Ashley's coming in a minute to go out on the BMX's that should be fun, until it gets to cold.


This has been a fun weekend, week END though seems very negative, like the whole 'half full half empty' thing, why not week beginning?

Anyway, last night i had my thinking head on, and found myself deep in thought  for some reason, probably not best when at a party as i tend to go into Ben land. I thought of some things, some sayings i guess, i wrote them down in the drafts texts on my phone, so cider induced Ben would not forget them.

'Regardless of depth some feelings have priority'

'Your footsteps in life need to be appreciated by those who paved their way'

'Your impact in life reflects the crowd at your funeral'


Kiwis contain more vitamin C than lemons did you know. This weather needs to improve, i have to get out on my bikes before i go mad.

I must stop with all these Pete Doherty references, but this is a fresh video from around 12/13 years ago before he was famous, before libertines, queuing up for an oasis concert. Yes


Why an earth do i feel so tired! I've been nodding of for the past couple of hours, not good. Today i received news of possibly the best present to be expecting. Hannah has sponsored me a pet donkey, even writing about it now has me grinning like a moron. Ive always wanted a donkey, and i still aspire to having one, one day. Still trying to sort out a website, not good fun, i need more knowledge in dream weaver. Knowledge Ha. This man has a lot of knowledge, i don't like the stereotype he is taken for, everyone has there weaknesses, not many succeed with the ambitions regardless, maintaining a sense of humour and a level head when hes talked to as an equal and not a social rejection.


My Turner rail finally came today! very happy. I enjoy a long bike ride to start my day, i enjoy conversations with like minded friends, i enjoy enjoying.


When the best things in life are free, there is always profit to be made.


February already! Okay I'm waiting for my new Turner frame to turn up with the post today, its like Christmas all over again. I spent some of last night looking through old riding pictures from yester year, it was fun. But I'm amazed at how little i did in 2009. 2008 i went to Wales, Scotland, France, Italy and Switzerland riding and have so many fond memories. I need to make more.

The picture above was Euro day in 2008. We made it up, basically we spent the day going round Les Gets and Morzine in France dressed as Europeans (mainly French) and made fools of ourselves, shouting insanities and acting like fools, my sides hurt from laughing so much.