I'm not sure how this came to be. Sad though really, amazing at the same time.

 Introduced to an amazing band! Listen. okay. GO

I'm the closest thing i have to a voice of reason - Gil Scott-Heron
Possibly the most beautiful bikes on the internet. Absolutly mind blowingly stunning.


Keep. IT Real.
first you need to figure IT out



Do you, stick & pursue something you want to build and make a success. Live the monotonous drone day to day in a place that would diminish even the most hearty of people, with living costs making any prospects and ambitions unrealistic and to high to reach.

Do you try to maintain your achievements from the past couple of years, follow your ideal, make a leap. Do something you want to, solidify the fact you wont live with regrets. Get up to live and do what makes you happy and fill in the gaps with the proposition of work. Enjoy, Experience.

Nothing will last forever, i can't see myself doing this in 10 years time. 10 years is a big chunk of a not much bigger life time. 


There is gold. No. I'm not sure i do want it either. Ironically i can't swim.
What was just a ride, ended up being the most home hitting conversation I've ever had with my best friend. A lot of realisations and hard facts.

I don't want to be living here, like this much longer. Either that or i need a long break, i need a laptop a car and a fully working mountain bike. France.

I'm going to figure out a way i can work and earn whilst away.

I don't know.

Maybe just a holiday would suffice.

Listening to this makes me feel ambitious.


Leonardo Da Vinci.
Turns out he was more than an artist. seriously impressive stuff. SEE for yourself.

Really impressed with the Jamie XX - Gil Scott Heron remix album, its a beaut.


Good weather.
Bike riding.

Theres some nice shapes and buildings around Lincoln when you take time to look.

Following a good street ride, always.

Oh Yes.


I like this.

Its officially spring. Yes it is.

Whilst getting my tattoo done this came on G-funks MP3. I forgot how much i like this band, and how little i listen to them now.

Happy. Days.
A bird doesn't sing because it has an answer, it sings because it has a song. - Lou Holtz


A couple of nights ago the moon was at its biggest, and closest to the earth in 6 years. It looked pretty amazing.

Fun Times.

Hoped just over 40" on Saturday, probably doesnt mean much to many, but my arms are paying for it still.

Looking forward to this week, should be exciting.

Obstacles are things a person sees when he takes his eyes off his goal. - E. Joseph Cossman



My days, haven't blogged for so long!


Where has this fantastic weather came from? Most enjoyable.

Certainly the soundtrack to this week.

A mans worth is no greater than his ambitions.


My new Friend

If you want something done right, you have to do it yourself. 

Fed up of people letting you down, done £1000 down the drain due to peoples half arsed attempts at getting a Job done, as quick and as cheap as possible. 

It is health that is real wealth and not pieces of gold and silver. - Mahatma Gandhi.
the lack of honesty loyalty trust integrity and compassion in the majority of our society shock and disappoints me daily - quote from a friend after seeing the poor excuses of craftsmanship I'm restless to accept.
This song reminds me of lots of riding adventures, Driving to Fort William, Cearsws. it was all good fun.


"Fashion is a form of ugliness so intolerable
that we have to alter it every six months."
Oscar Wilde

Perceptions and perspectives. The way in which you perceive a person, generally through first impressions can be a downfall in your general perspectives on stereotypes. They say  'a smile is the most contagious thing known to man' I like that saying. But when you smile at someone who perceives you to be a calculating thug due to first hand primary, distinctive factors, no smile is shared. Maybe people need to wipe clean ideas of existing perspectives, so we can plague each other with uplifting gestures more often. Maybe i shouldn't write things from the top of my head and onto this blog....


Up lift. Go


This is incredible.

Anyone who angers you conquers you


This is pretty amazing.

Its an evening of Neil Young. Yes.

Watched Shutter Island, quite an amazing film, i highly recomend you watch it.

Somethings not working, from the thaught, to type, to blog process, so i guess it'l all just stay up there.

Love all, trust a few, do wrong to none. - William Shakespeare



A god amongst mere mortals, such an incredible man, i must stop posting and watching this video.


The only source of knowledge is experience.- Albert Einstein



A long time without posting. What can i say, its been a busy, busy few days. 

I have found, or rather enforced, there is nothing i love more than being on my own on a bike ride with some good music and scenery. Last Friday i went out for a wolds excursion, it was like being switched off from standby. Enjoyable.

Last weekend i ended up going out as well, it was fun for sure, although, still have to stop myself and question whether its really me. I don't know really. Most certainly not going to be a regular occurrence. 

5 freinds and myself are biking to Amsterdam this summer, can not wait. Ferry prices are surprisingly cheap, its going to be a great weekend away. Happy days.

Think I'm going rock climbing on Thursday, I haven't been since youth club days, should be good.

Anyway, i needed to write all that down, all very bland and pointless.
This on the other hand, adore this, it must be shared with you -


Lets do the Feb accounts.

A creative man is motivated by the desire to achieve, not by the desire to beat others. - Ayn Rand