So when its too wet to ride, you find a bridge and some wood.

Had a really enjoyable day yesterday with a few freinds just building under a bridge. Fun times were had, and most importantly we were dry.

Money often costs too much - Ralph Waldo Emerson
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A bank is a place that will lend you money if you can prove that you dont need it - Bob Hope


To Do :
  • Make .
  • Reward .
  • Appreciate .
  • Motivate .
  • Try .
Lets do it.



This is incredible.

This short film by mutiny is amazing, all shot with a tilt shift effect or lense, im not sure, either way, I'm inspired. Yes

Ah and my comment things have been playing up, i think my computer thinks there spam or something, it has headaches with them, I'm trying to sort it though. Sweet

Catch a man a fish, and you can sell it to him. Teach a man to fish, and you will ruin a wonderful business opertunity. - Karl Marx


Two wrongs don't make a right.

Although in this case, excess snobbery and typical rhyming beatdowns work together rather spiffingly, i peak the rim of my top hat to this man. Have a go. Mr B. The Gentleman Rhymer.

I don't like punctures.

Business is the art of extracting money from another man's pocket without resorting to violence. - Max Amsterdam


We are getting there*

*But to get there you have to pass a bed shop, often with a skip full of mattresses outside.



If i can make this.

The safe way to double your money is to fold over once and put it in your pocket - Frank Hubbard

Wolds, Horizons, sunshine, bike rides, cuts and bruises.


Absolutely stunning time lapse of the Iceland Volcano.



This song came on radio 6music today, been a favourite of mine for a long time. have fun. You'll enjoy it.


Okay, so this is the reason my blog has been neglected, lots of time being put into this, i resembled a zebra today, alternating the black and white paint. You have to use your imagination a bit with these pics.

Lastly the nice man from next door gave me - sugar, tea bags, coffee, milk and creme!


If you 'can't buy time', but can charge a labour cost, for the expense of your time, and there is a suggested theorem about time not existing.

How much do you value your time, which is 1. Priceless and 2. Probably non existent.

This song is about time. If you believe in that kind of thing ofcourse. Clever lyrics. Have a go.



Oh my, its been a good few days since my last post! And a lot has happened.

I used to have a shop, it was a bike shop, a good shop, a fun shop. I miss that shop. Lately I've been thinking about it more and more and the idea of getting another shop. I don't know really, the cons outweigh the pros. Anyway. I have just got hold of a super small (garage sized) unit just down the road from me, its just big enough to store stock and use as a workshop. This has made me unquestionably happy.

My new T-shirts have came!

Pretty pleased with them, they cost enough.

So today i was withdrawing money from the bank, and mum told me to look at the jeweler behind us, we saw two guys in 'police forensic' white boiler suits with glasses and gloves on, it was weird, in broad daylight. Then one of them persists in ripping all the jewellery out of the front of the shop and putting it into a bag around his waist, whilst the other grabs a worker and holds the hammer he was holding to his head, there was screaming and tears. We figured it was a student production or music video, something of the sort. After getting all the jewels they both made a very swift exit, running down the main street into a get away car which was driven at speed away, taking out tables and chairs outside a nearby cafe, followed by 4 shop staff running after them screaming and yell.

We didn't realise we had first hand witnessed an armed robbery.

Happy days.


One to watch this year. Serious

Just watched Rachael in a vid training this winter with her brothers, she is a shredder, the 2010 season kicks off this weekend, and I'm super excited, cereal. Then up too fort William, Rach hasn't won there before, but its a go'er in my opinion. But anyway.

After hearing this song on Liz's blog i can't get it out of my head. But this is good


I got a parcel from Howies this morning, it was so different, individual and certainly made a statement. I love the company ethos and it really made me think. I need a niche like this.


So, today i got up extra early and biked to Lincoln (about 18 miles my way there,) with it being so early, in turn, it was very cold, i had to ride with my hands in fists to keep my fingers warm. I got there. See, the reason i was going i didn't tell anyone, was to take my theory driving test, I have been revising for a while now and was confident about it, all the way there i was going through things in my head. Naturally i entered the building feeling confident and good, i was asked to sit down and read a card about the text, next to me another guy sat, his hands were shaking that much i a surprised he could even read it. Nerves. Once reading it i stood up, handed it back and was ready to go and put my hours of preporation to use. I thaught.

I didn't realise you needed a 'paper licence' too.

Denied, told to leave, £53 down the drain, fingers still frozen in the shape of fists and an extra long cycle ride back home.

The End.

On a good note, my i pod shuffle gave me this. The world seemed happy again.


Okay, so i didn't get to sleep until 3 last night, i was up and inspired, making improvements on my website, i had watched this.

I spent a few hours making this web edit for my home page. what do you think?


Radical face - Welcome home.
Oh Hey. Doesn't the outside always look so much more enticing and inviting?

I'm wearing my glasses still today, its 5 in the afternoon, i don't think i have gone this long without my lenses in many, many years, my eyes feel weird, normal i guess. Listen to the song above, you will like it. I'm sure.

'I promise myself to give so much time improving myself that i have no time to criticize others' - Christian D Larson


My Burgtecs

I bought these pedals in summer 2006, this week i have let them go, in there place will soon be a pair of Burgtec Mk3 pedals, this, i am excited for. But these guys have been everywhere with me. Toodle pip.

My friend Steve is going to Greece for 6 months working doing bike tours, to say i am jelous is an understatement, maybe some time soon i will do something similar. Please.

These last few days have been good, sun shining, many road miles clocked up, there is still no better feeling than a long bike ride in the sun. When on a road by yourself, with just your thoughts as company you over think a lot, and think in depth, i love it. I've came to realise a big fear of mine is the idea of routine and certainty, on every scale.

I was thinking, I'd love to one day say in conversation 'hey, remember that site called facebook?'

It's funny, i think of a lot of things and think 'Ah that'd be something to blog, but when this 'new post' box is up my my goes a blank.

Print screen.


'I don't want to be a product of my environment, i want my environment to be a product of me'

New MILK TOOF adventure is up, such a brilliant blog, with the best stories check it out if your not already a fan. http://www.mymilktoof.blogspot.com/

7 O'clock 35mile bike ride ahead of me before 9, full on sunshine, blue skies, fully charged ipod, rolled up skinnies and woolly hat. Lets go.


Love this picture, props to Sammys blog!

Someone should do a human size wheres wally, get this guy to go and stand in huge crowds and take massive wide angles pictures. Yes?



The thing i love about this time of year, before the blossom has fell completely, there's a few days of real intense colour, i will add more pictures too my blog i think in the next few days.

Yesterday was 'one of those days' where you feel, i don't know how to describe it, but you contemplate everything and all motivation for anything drains, it was drab and dry. So today i have changed a few things round in my room and tried to find inspiration, i think its worked. Yes.

I need to do this, people have said (including my dad) i need to give it a go. It will do me, me, the world of good. But I'm not sure.