Oh my, its been a good few days since my last post! And a lot has happened.

I used to have a shop, it was a bike shop, a good shop, a fun shop. I miss that shop. Lately I've been thinking about it more and more and the idea of getting another shop. I don't know really, the cons outweigh the pros. Anyway. I have just got hold of a super small (garage sized) unit just down the road from me, its just big enough to store stock and use as a workshop. This has made me unquestionably happy.

My new T-shirts have came!

Pretty pleased with them, they cost enough.

So today i was withdrawing money from the bank, and mum told me to look at the jeweler behind us, we saw two guys in 'police forensic' white boiler suits with glasses and gloves on, it was weird, in broad daylight. Then one of them persists in ripping all the jewellery out of the front of the shop and putting it into a bag around his waist, whilst the other grabs a worker and holds the hammer he was holding to his head, there was screaming and tears. We figured it was a student production or music video, something of the sort. After getting all the jewels they both made a very swift exit, running down the main street into a get away car which was driven at speed away, taking out tables and chairs outside a nearby cafe, followed by 4 shop staff running after them screaming and yell.

We didn't realise we had first hand witnessed an armed robbery.

Happy days.

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