This is the most amazing video i have seen in a long while. So graphic, absolutely insane. And grossly disturbing.


Mr Scruff Vs Kirsty Almeida 'Pickled Spider' by Mr Scruff

If you were able to prescribe songs to people, like over the counter, then, wearing my white full length doc coat and those heart hearing thing's round my neck I'd hand everyone this, vertually. Kind of. One dose administered.

Kick Back


    Pila - Italy back there again please.
  • seeyouinabitbye - new word. est 2010 n. meaning goodbye / will see you shortly
  • Try to breathe in laugh, its hard. Whats good though is on your out breath its impossible not to laugh also.
  • "Are you alright?" "No, i am half left"


This is a long one as i have neglected my Blog this past few days, I've broke it up a bit with pics etc.

First off, i have an amazing new CD full of fantastic sounds thanks to Miss' Schofield, such amazing tracks include
  • King Blues
  • Smashing pumpkins
  • Gogol
  • Mr Scruff
  • Priestess
  • Libertines
And many more, its most certainly my happy time CD.
I need this tattooed already.

I don't know anything better than being by yourself on a bike ride. I'm a person who needs and highly enjoys 'down time,' time by yourself to think and clear your mind, or to break from repetition. If i don't have my fix i tend to switch off or go blank with emotion or feeling. It's weird, i cant explain. I don't know whether it's natural

But i do know riding my bike down a single road with the sun radiating my arms and my sunglasses catching the sweat of my forehead, coughing up a lung from pedalling so hard, being overtaken by a horse and carriage followed by a big old red tractor whilst listening to smashing pumpkins was bliss.

This photo is why i enjoy post, i received a postcard from Poland today! I like surprises like that, happy happy. And Mr Scruff tickets came, I'm looking forward to this, as I'm unsure of what to expect, its a 5 HOUR set, should be interesting.

I'm going to leave anyone bored enough to be reading my blog, and get this far down with, what i still regard as the most intense and incredible song ever. I've posted it before, but it deserves a re-post. This is Billy Corgan recruiting the best of the best musicians to re-make the smashing pumpkins. Absolutely EPIC.

Have a good day!


07.11.08 - 17.04.10

Worn pretty much every single day. My trusty Nike 6.0's died a death last weekend. They have been everywhere!


Wowee, this is my hundredth post! I cant believe I've posted 100 blogs already. But hey, its cool looking back on them and remembering some great things. Me and Hannah are going to see Mr Scruff soon, tickets were booked today, I'm really looking forward to it.

My Weekend has been spent solely digging and making dirt jumps down the park. Its been good, i cant complain. Its shaping up.

Mr Scruff.


Seriously world

Everything is run by trivia and so over dramatised. People thrive on it, and its really not cool. It's often the cause problems and feuds. I prefer a much more simpler life than a lot of people it seems.

Just calm down, take a deep breath and kick back

What do you think?

And no. I'm not a hippy, smoke pot, own a camper van or believe in vegetable rights.

Good weather, bikes to fix, good music. Everythings happy in the world. Yes.

My afternoon.


Its been a busy and, kind of eventful week, so not much activity on here.

Hannah and I both witnessed first hand the reason British seaside resorts are a no go. Cleethorpes is. Well.

I have been in meeting about a new T-shirt line I'm bringing out with my company Fatality Bmx, this is exciting.

Eye appointments also, one yesterday, another today, its all good.


Something that was totally awesome this week, i got a parcel through from my friend Rushby. He said a good few weeks ago 'hey I'll make you a CD you'll like' Okay i thought, should be cool. This came through the post, he's put such an effort into it, which makes me listen to it with more intent. The music is fantastic. Actually wow. With the most stunning album cover also. Thankyou Rushby

All in all a good week i guess, today's Doc's may say otherwise, but hey, my shuffle is full of nice sounds, and my road bike is running fine.

Lets Go.


Dead sound.

Have a good day.


Okay so.

I went out last night, with the intention to stay out for a bit. I woke up this morning, and i wondered to myself.

I mean, right, i think in my head, is it really justifiable.

Cons :
  • Wasting/spending money
  • Feeling horrible the next day
  • Loosing a good percentage of the next day due to feeling unhealthy
  • Wondering what you said or how you were portrayed when you were 'that' drunk
  • Creating a disgusting perception for others too see
  • Missing out on new southpark
  • Accepting that, 'yes, this is how we have a good time.'
Pros :
  • .
To me its a no brainer. £5.00 lighter today, i dont like it.

Anyway. I had my haircut yesterday, its short, but looks tidy, This sunshine works wonders for everyone, people seem so uplifted by it all. I've started a new film on my camera, luckily Dave put this one in, so it should work just right.

One good thing to come out of last night is good conversation, rarely i find someone on the same 'wavelength' as myself, i am a bit. Weird. This quote stuck with me, mainly because i heard it and had to save it in my draft messages. I'm that sad.

The only wisdom is knowing you aren't wise

I woke up with this in my head, i figured I'd plague your ears with it too. Have a good day.

Ben thaught of the day : Who made the first ever spirit level, and how did he/she know it worked?


I had a dream. Lemon Jelly played at a weird place in Lincoln, and when the music started everyone started floating around like on willy wonka with fizzy lifting drink. Anyway.

I picked up a couple of these free mags whilst in Lincoln on Wednesday. Since, I've read them both back to front, really impressed, will certainly be getting them again.

How amazing is the weather at the minute! Sunshine and blue skies, i made the effort of getting up nice and early to get all my work done, so i can go out on my bike for a good few hours. Everything looks so more colourful, and i already have a nice white T-shirt tan line.

By brothers 13 now, I'm sure a wasn't that small when i was 13? i don't know, kids seem to be getting shorter and smaller, or maybe I'm just getting..... Pfft. Nah, they are shrinking.

Anyway, i leave you this, whilst listening, remember, you need to burp to maintain ground level. Have a nice sunny day!


Ah, this song reminds me of too many hours wasted playing Dave Mirra pro BMX on the playstation, for some reason it got into my head this morning.


I'm slacking on the blog front, I'm trying to think of interesting things to write for anyone reading this, including my followers (wowee! thankyou :) ) My posts generally concern thoughts and perceptions taken for granted that confuse me.

But anyway, Today has been a busy day although in the whole part enjoyable i guess, i cant complain. A major disappointment and a question of friendship, loyalty and principles towards the end was a bit of a downer. Enough about that though.

I was getting off the train, when i happened to glance over and catch the eye of a kid no more than 15 sat with an unlit fag in his mouth supping a can of guinness 'What the fook you looking at' he said. I didn't want to tell him.

Argh my first film didn't come out at the photographers, i must have loaded it wrong. Gutted.


These boots are made for.


Another old picture dragged up. Anyway.

What really grinds my gears. Parents, the majority of us are lucky enough to have them, but at what point do they change there roll from parents, to be regarded simply as 'rents?' I mean, they spend thousands upon thousands on your upbringing to later be referred to as a landlord at your dispense. But anyway, i don't like it, but this is only me rambling.


Ha ha! i can't quite believe how bright my head once was, and how cringe worthy some pictures are, back from the my space Phenom. I was thinking this morning how great it would be if you put your glasses on upside down, if you actually saw upside down. No? Nah.

I got Scroobius pip's book through today, the illustration is amazing, the writing, needless to say follows suit. Hannah's doing a driving lesson, i have lots to be getting on with, just aswell I'm not sat around Blogging. Anyway, this song has been in my head, its fun and up beat, have a go with your ears.