I had a dream. Lemon Jelly played at a weird place in Lincoln, and when the music started everyone started floating around like on willy wonka with fizzy lifting drink. Anyway.

I picked up a couple of these free mags whilst in Lincoln on Wednesday. Since, I've read them both back to front, really impressed, will certainly be getting them again.

How amazing is the weather at the minute! Sunshine and blue skies, i made the effort of getting up nice and early to get all my work done, so i can go out on my bike for a good few hours. Everything looks so more colourful, and i already have a nice white T-shirt tan line.

By brothers 13 now, I'm sure a wasn't that small when i was 13? i don't know, kids seem to be getting shorter and smaller, or maybe I'm just getting..... Pfft. Nah, they are shrinking.

Anyway, i leave you this, whilst listening, remember, you need to burp to maintain ground level. Have a nice sunny day!


  1. paha you and you're white T-shirt ;)
    Buuuuuurp!! xxxx

  2. Seriously, its going to be good! I'm determined to have the worst tan lines :) xxx

  3. hahaha oh benjii silly boy you :D
    but then i wanna see the worst worst ones!
    lets go the whole hog BOB xxx


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