Okay so.

I went out last night, with the intention to stay out for a bit. I woke up this morning, and i wondered to myself.

I mean, right, i think in my head, is it really justifiable.

Cons :
  • Wasting/spending money
  • Feeling horrible the next day
  • Loosing a good percentage of the next day due to feeling unhealthy
  • Wondering what you said or how you were portrayed when you were 'that' drunk
  • Creating a disgusting perception for others too see
  • Missing out on new southpark
  • Accepting that, 'yes, this is how we have a good time.'
Pros :
  • .
To me its a no brainer. £5.00 lighter today, i dont like it.

Anyway. I had my haircut yesterday, its short, but looks tidy, This sunshine works wonders for everyone, people seem so uplifted by it all. I've started a new film on my camera, luckily Dave put this one in, so it should work just right.

One good thing to come out of last night is good conversation, rarely i find someone on the same 'wavelength' as myself, i am a bit. Weird. This quote stuck with me, mainly because i heard it and had to save it in my draft messages. I'm that sad.

The only wisdom is knowing you aren't wise

I woke up with this in my head, i figured I'd plague your ears with it too. Have a good day.

Ben thaught of the day : Who made the first ever spirit level, and how did he/she know it worked?

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