I want to go where you have to look up to see the horizon. 

Where the dominant colour is green as opposed to grey.

2 amazing weekends planned. More mini adventures will no doubt follow.

Blog, due to different media isn't serving its purpose.

Tumblr maybe?




I am a Militant Atheist with Secular Humanistic values... Because of this I get to live my life based on: - Reason not superstition - Ethics not dogma - Respect not worship - Courage not fear - Fact not myth - Morality not religion - Clarity not delusion - Good not god - Skepticism not cynicism - Pragmatism not ideology. ~ Jamie Gaddis



The past couple of weeks have been a blur of constants.

Severe lack of my own time, down time, or even time to sit back and chill, catch up and talk to people. I've just woke up from sleeping for 12 hours. It was long needed. I would say I'm feeling fresh and ready to go. But I'm not. Anyhow.

Amazing sculpture at Lincoln Uni
Good view of Lincoln Cathederal
Something about derelict buildings i really like
Lots of classic cars, adorned the quayside. This was fresh and nice to see

True happiness involves the full use of one's power and talents. - John W. Gardner




Pretty freakin alone.

Moping about is a bit mundane. Theres an imperfect balance, I don't like to be made a fuss of, but i don't like to be forgotten. I don't want to pressure people into doing anything they don't want, and i don't like to be responsible for anyone's disappointment. 

Celebrated my birthday with 3 people. What i would have given to have had a lot of my friends there. The issue was asking them and the thought of making them feel bad if they couldn't make it. So i kept quiet. Probably hoping they would see what i was doing. My mind works in weird ways. 

After all it isn't quantity but quality, and those people who i did see were quality. Hey Ho. It's how it goes i guess

Just wanted to get that off my chest.

I have a lot of different social groups, although i swim in and out of them when i can I'm no core member of a social group, or 'core' enough to be involved. So a lot of the time I'm sat. Here. Or on my bike. My friends.

Shut up you drag.
Nobody reads this so it's all good.