Pretty freakin alone.

Moping about is a bit mundane. Theres an imperfect balance, I don't like to be made a fuss of, but i don't like to be forgotten. I don't want to pressure people into doing anything they don't want, and i don't like to be responsible for anyone's disappointment. 

Celebrated my birthday with 3 people. What i would have given to have had a lot of my friends there. The issue was asking them and the thought of making them feel bad if they couldn't make it. So i kept quiet. Probably hoping they would see what i was doing. My mind works in weird ways. 

After all it isn't quantity but quality, and those people who i did see were quality. Hey Ho. It's how it goes i guess

Just wanted to get that off my chest.

I have a lot of different social groups, although i swim in and out of them when i can I'm no core member of a social group, or 'core' enough to be involved. So a lot of the time I'm sat. Here. Or on my bike. My friends.

Shut up you drag.
Nobody reads this so it's all good.

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