I guess we all have some routine to our days, my morning routine would be to wake up, stumble around for my glasses and walk to the kitchen past my computer. click on itunes, hit shuffle and see what it comes up with for today's theme tune. This morning was the turn of radio head. Love this song, and the video to go with it.

Uncles surprise 40th today! cant wait. Uncle Dave is one of those people, who is all give and never take, like his brother (my dad) he will work every light hour of the day, not charging enough for his time or quality of work, only to keep other people happy, i admire them both. Think today will be karma leveling the scales for him, at least i hope so. Happy birthday uncle Dave.


If anyone was to ask me what i did or was doing this time a year ago, i wouldn't have the foggiest, although as sad as it sounds (and is) i could visit my profiles on other social networking sites and read my saved messages/inbox/comments whatever and make a vivid account of my antics. The majority of the time though, these reminders would never be anything worth remembering, or enough to fracture a smile. Diary's are becoming pretty much a thing of the past now, especially for my generation, but the thought of one still interests me, and with different means out there now, i want to start documenting things, proper things, things worth writing about.

I'm writing this first paragraph incase you stumble across my blog for some reason. My intention is to look back on the archive of my blog spot, and be reminded of things, that i thought fit at the time to be remembered.