This time last year..

I always ponder what i was doing, thinking etc. This is why i love having a blog. Time certainly flies.

 Adore this quote.

The foolish man seeks happiness in the distance, the wise grows it under his feet - James Oppenheim

Yesterday i went to see Bjork live in Manchester, it certainly was different, and like nothing I've seen before, incredible. Sadly no photos were aloud. She finished by singing my favourite Bjork song at the moment. 

 The Albion. Amazing publication. This has kept me entertained
 Manchester has some really nice buildings.

  • Lady grey tea
  • 1 and a half spoon of lemon juice
  • half a sugar
  • brewed for 20 seconds tops
To be without some of the things you want is an indispensable part of happiness. - Bertrand Russel



    24 hour mountain bike race around a course 90% uphill and roughly 10miles long.

    Quite possibly one of the hardest things i have ever done.
    And best things i have ever done.

    I could certainly get used to races like that, the people, the atmosphere and the effort and perseverance. i like to push myself.

     Baby Huskie at the weekend.
     Our Home made signs.
     Medal for completing the 24hours.
     Cider of choice at the local. amazing place, amazing people.
     Spotty the horse at Jays house.

    Last week was also spent seeing a great friend and inspiration at certain intervals when i had time. Some people are blissfully unaware of there amazing energy and presence. This unapparent modesty makes them so fantastic. 

    I was never good at creative writing at school. School. What a joke. Ha. Now i seem to enjoy it.
    Listen. Now.




    Watching Forrest Gump fills me with inspiration, close to getting up and disappearing on my bike for a short age. Spending time with such inspiring friends only adds to this. Beautiful.

    Went to Playzone with a load of friends, think, giant padded warehouse. Mega fun. Slush puppies on sale too! A lot smaller than i remember though.
    G*Y*P*O trails in Cleethorpes. amazing place, tame urban foxes aswell.
    This sign made me laugh everytime i walked past it, until i found out what it was. Guilt.
    Weve been cat sitting for my sister. This is Alfie
    Bikes. Bikes. Bikes. Lots of rides, fun, people, smiling faces. Andrew blew his tyre up.

    My blogs changed a fair bit, i enjoying sharing pictures & posting these photos more. Fun.

    White Denim
    Ted Leo


    If you've read this drone long enough then you may have seen a picture posted a good long while ago of a chair i wanted. I went in to look at this chair, my chair, for the last time yesterday. The shop keeper, probably sick of seeing me offered it to me for 1/3 of the price, i think he was sick of me coming in. It's now mine.

     Happy Days.

    Also, I'm listening to this right now, i urge you to buy a copy of the album.


    Fort William

    Theres very little to say, and if pictures speak louder than words, the idyllic landscape should shut everyone up. Amazing weekend of mountain biking, the world cup was once more a massive success. Ready to go back.

     THE cutest dog I've ever seen.
     View over the local Loch, sat there a long while by myself the first night.
     The drive up.
    Loch Lomond.

    Your life is what your thoughts make it. - Marcus Aurelius
    Jamie XX you won't be disappointed 


    This Blog is really bearing the grunt of my ever hectic schedule sadly.


    The past couple of weeks have been mad, busier than I've ever been and everythings in more demand. I'm trying to look back for something worth writing about, but, I just recieved a facebook message off a good freind that has put a lot into perspective.

    The person in question has happily put a restraint on the recent inhibitions on how to spend my free time, almost settled me down to myself once again thankfully. In a very casual messgae he first asking how i am  he later goes on to very casually tell me he hasn't been in touch as he's just given a kidney to one of his mates. Incredible.

    Its people like this who inspire you beyond belief. After reading that message i jumped to my feet and have been smiling and motivated since.

    Well, since my last blog It's been a pretty mundane couple of weeks. As i say, just work. As sad as it sounds i had to look at my 'instogram' app on the phone to look for exciting thingsi may have done, to no avail.

    But heres a few photos anyway.

     Elsham Hall Nature Reserve. Beautiful place
     Elsham again. Mud & Stud building
     Lincoln train station. Spent a lot of time here!
     Cleethorpes sea front / Pier.
     Summer Bike ride with good friends. And sauces.

    A man always has two reasons for doing anything: a good reason and the real reason. - J. P. Morgan

    Scotland tomorrow. Can't wait.

    Enjoy your days.