Watching Forrest Gump fills me with inspiration, close to getting up and disappearing on my bike for a short age. Spending time with such inspiring friends only adds to this. Beautiful.

Went to Playzone with a load of friends, think, giant padded warehouse. Mega fun. Slush puppies on sale too! A lot smaller than i remember though.
G*Y*P*O trails in Cleethorpes. amazing place, tame urban foxes aswell.
This sign made me laugh everytime i walked past it, until i found out what it was. Guilt.
Weve been cat sitting for my sister. This is Alfie
Bikes. Bikes. Bikes. Lots of rides, fun, people, smiling faces. Andrew blew his tyre up.

My blogs changed a fair bit, i enjoying sharing pictures & posting these photos more. Fun.

White Denim
Ted Leo

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