This sound ticks more boxes than the packaging in a Nike shoe shop, (yes i came up with that as i wrote it, so please excuse my poor excuse for wit.) Me and Hannah were talking this morning and she was telling me about her best, most perfect day ever. I was thinking on the way home, i find it impossible to pick a day that i could label the best day of my life, but there is some moments i can think of when you just have to sit back and grin, as they are the moments that you'll never forget, one of which i remembered this morning as this song came on a blank CD i wedged in the player on the way home.

Last year i was biking on a perfectly straight road in the middle of nowhere, it was a Sunday morning so not a car in sight, i had my ipod in and this song was playing, it was loud, but just loud enough so i could hear the noise of a car if one came from behind. Just as the song kicks in (4.02 min) i heard a super loud grumbling noise like a tractor. As i turned my head round to see where it was and got ready to pull over there was nothing there, and the road was clear. As i turned my head back to look in front 5 red arrows flew above me parallel with the road. They were flying so low i could probably have made eye contact with the pilots, as they just came in front of me they all released there coloured smoke and flew directly vertical above my head. It was one of the most amazing things ever, like a one man performance all for me. Its probably a 'you needed to be there moment' but it was truely awesome. Maybe karma paying me a huge bill. Listen to the song.


Freedom is another way of saying you have nothing left to loose


This video is amazing, had my undivided attention for its duration, its inspiring. I want to to do something similar when i find the means. Well worth a few minutes of your time. What i would suggest though, is turning of the music on the above sky video, and use the soundtrack below, they work amazingly with each other. Yes

Come from out
Of the tunnels we dig in
And say the tunneling's not livin'
And working doesn't work


I'm an easily influenced person, but my influences are far and few between.

I'm finding this Pete Doherty book more interesting than i had thought, i want to watch the MTV documentary again. maybe YouTube time later, once i have got ready for tomorrow and Thursday. Today's been another one of those days revolved around that disgusting drag called money, i wish i could go hang with the queen and get her to sign a contract resenting me from anything currency associated with her face on. Wouldn't take much bribing, tray of Terry's chocs and a bottle of bubbly I'm sure. Maybe


'A smile is the most contagious thing known to man'

If this is the case, and I'm not doubting it, the ability to plague people with a smile should be a lot easier. Apparently I'm 'always happy' i have been told, but there's happy then there is genuinely happy. Today i had a beamer of a smile wiped across my face that could challenge that of the Cheshire cat, just through hearing a voice. If everything was that contagious through phone calls, anesthetic would be very hard come by.


Happy 40th Auntie Sharon! Another great weekend, merry times with merry people. My Blogs have been quite vague recently, with lack of text, or any worth reading, need to get my mind tank into gear. Provisional should be here soon. Going to start reading Pete Doherty last of the rock romantics soon, that man intrigues me quite a lot.


"Work is good provided you do not forget to live" - Bantu Proverb


No blog for 3 whole days, although its been a busy and eventful few days for sure. I must admit i do enjoy what can be loosely described as a job, i say that because nothing ever working with bikes will ever seem like an occupation. I don't think I'm the only one with this mind set either. Dave. Skittle vodka is coming on, smells amazing, looks, well. Interesting.

Most time this past couple of days has been spent with Hannah, playing scrabble, watching mighty boosh, and enjoying. Enjoying. Commencal frames now gone, although fingers crossed a new bike should be no more than a week away. Done and dusted. Right, website work.


When i clicked on myspace for the first time in what seems like an age, and the first headline on the home page was 'new smashing pumpkins track' i actually got that goosebump on back thing. Sad i know. But really, this is amazing. Billy Corgan.


This is a blog I'm excited to look back on in the future and go "aah it really was well worth the wait." The hobbit movie, apparently being released in two parts is something I'm anticipating greatly, i cant wait, hopefully they don't cut out the good bits like Lord of the rings. Its too small a picture to judge, but i didn't imagine Jacksons £20 pannel fencing in the shire. Goodridge hose fittings should not be anodized.


Ive not let a movie get me upset before, usually you can shrug it off with "meh its hardly real anyway."  Marley and me was a bit different, as its a film a lot of viewers can relate to, i watched it in the best company as well, even if i was a big soppy one. This weekend has been good, oh yes. If every weekend could reflect this one in one form or another I'd be a very happy person, not that I'm not already. I need to get on the game though, worst result in a race i think i have ever had, i was disappointed, this was lifted by the sense of making miss Schofield proud, the feeling was ofcourse mutual.

We made skittle vodka today, its already turned diferent colours and shapes, looking foward to se how it turns out. It'll be like tasting a triple distilled rainbow i'm guessing.


Ah, i urge anyone bored enough to be lingering on my blog to press play on this video, the right sounds put in the right order and the right time can make a right day. This 4 minutes is proof.


Is it ironic, i come home from a house party after 45 minutes to avoid being submerged with drugged up zombies, to watch a film mainly about drugs and its influence? I don't mean to sound like a boring fart or someone who regards them self as 'better' because i choose not to do this kind of stuff, but there is nothing i really cant stand more than peoples in decisions that putting stuff up there nose is the only way to conclude a decent night with friends. The reason we become friends with people is usually through common interests and personalities, all of which i think are lost through these chemicals.

It doesn't seem 5 minutes ago we could spend all evenings into the early hours riding bikes, listening to whatever band we had screen printed on the appropriate black hoody and having a laugh, maybe I'm stuck in the past, maybe I'm content. I think Scroobious pips song i posted yesterday has more meaning than i can write in a blog. Small town syndrome.

I have a head of ideas for a new website, hopefully i can work them out, should be exciting. Rain is boring, less than 8 weeks till spring. I'm looking forward to smelling it and the sudden rise in temperature, and the appearance of dirt jumps after our had work. Fun.


Dan le Sac vs Scroobiuos pip, two brilliant artists who speak a lot of sense. This is there new single from a new album, some things i can relate too, others i also see happening around me. I admire Scroobiuos' way of interpreting things.

I've came to realise, whilst sat thinking during building wheels today, this year i have a lot to look forward to, exciting and interesting things. I think at that moment i smiled like a class A goon and spun around a bit on my swirly chair. It goes really fast. Trying not to make a habit of posting lots of videos this one is my favourite, for my favourite.


I am happy, i like happy, i like the Cure, the Cure make me happy. Logic.
Miss' Schofield makes me happy.
Seeing a car explode, maybe not 'happy' but it was something to behold.
My new poster makes me happy.


I was thinking (bed idea i know) if there is such a thing as an 'overdose' on drugs, then does this mean there is a perfect 'dose' that's sufficient, that's perfectly fine? Like, if people knew the ample amount they decided to poison themselves with, then surely there would be less 'over dosing' maybe drug dealers should supply customers with the equivalent to the calpol spoons, and give proper advice.
'Okay Joe Bloggs, snort cocaine just 3 times a day from the little side of the spoon.'

Had this song in my head all the way through the funeral today, the prayer mats were heated, they made good foot warmers if you took your shoes off. I dispise religion


The art of Business is extracting money from peoples pockets without resorting to violence.

I enjoy my new yeah yeah yeahs t-shirt, it was a nice late Christmas present. I also enjoy bright red shoes, and returning home early from the pub for a midnight phone call. Oh, and beans, good for your heart apparently. Lets hope.


Apparently were a nation of tea drinkers, having a break for a brew is necessary in most jobs it seems. I had this silly idea whilst laid in bed this morning, and did a super rough drawing of it during breakfast. It was fun. My head's been full of ideas for pictures lately, Ive had to write them all down. I would say my imagination has run wild, but its got no legs and it doesn't live in the wild, nor has it escaped to the wild. Or maybe me over thinking this is my imagination running..... aah whatever.

I should really read more, ive started reading 'The Hobbit' today. Loving it. Snow is getting boring now i really really want to ride my bicycle, all the way to Metheringham infact. Yes please.


I'm sat in my coat, hoody, shirt and t-shirt and still shaking, so damn cold! I've got my toes under the radiator and hoping my skinny jeans act as long-johns. Today's been a very good day, right from the get go, i almost have jaw ache from smiling. Spent the morning with Miss Schofield and most the afternoon, she endured another hour mulling round waterstones, this time with results! I purchased 3 new books with Christmas vouchers.
  • 57 and a half innocent fruit smoothie recipes (this is going to come in handy and save me lots of money!)
  • The Hobbit - had to be done, i even went full bore and bought the more expensive hardback
  • And an amazing little handbook called 'keep calm and carry on' full of amazing little quotes, every time i open it i find something else just as amusing as the last.
Life is a ship wreck, but we must not forget to sing in the life boats


Grow up? what for?

Seriously don't understand the logic in 'growing up' or what is justified to be 'childish.' The only thing I've found that comes with growing up is more responsibilities, less fun and less enjoyment, people shouldn't 'live for the weekends' etc, that's such a waste. A good thing about 'growing up' is you tend to earn more money, if you like that kind of thing. But then, when your grown up you pay to have fun? pay for nights out, pay for weekends away, its all about pay. Im quite happy acting 12 for a while longer. Thank you.


Aah new Blog uploader thing, this is cool. I found this picture on another blog, props initializecapture.blogspot.com. If fruit tea counts for your 5 a day then im doing well.

Death from above 1979, you cant help but wonder how 2 men make so much noise, its all good though. Snow day, a 3 man catapult, plenty of the white stuff, tescos and one very annoyed security guard. Cold fingers, numb toes, good friends.


Does your wealth and social status reflect the size of your television or what you choose to watch on it.

The future belongs to the few of us still willing to get our hands dirty.


Send me on my way.


In dodgy towns like Market Rasen there's always some interesting characters, one of which was Uncle Brian. He walked with a major limp, a stereotypical zombie stance, one leg bigger than the other Joby. Nine o'clock every night Tescos put out reduced food, things for as little as a penny, you could set your watch by Brian walking past the house en route for bargains, always watching the floor, and often bending down to pick up pennies. I prefer to call him good with his money, i imagine he owns a small fortune, he was that kind of person. For his whole life he lived in a tiny house with his brother, working 12 hours days as a butcher.

He just saw 2010 in, not going to a doctor for over 20 years, he was found in the freeze room at work, in the early hours of the 2nd of January. Loved by many I'm sure his send off will be a big one, i look forward to hearing stories about him I'm not yet familiar with. It will also be interesting to know exactly whats in the 7 garages he owned as well as the vintage cars. Inspiring.

I've made a new web shop for my company, i hope it makes me more sales www.fatalitybmx.bigcartel.com those queens head papers can come in handy. Skegness skatepark today Ashley knocked himself out, i didnt ride for 3 hours only to do all my riding in the last 15 mins, i dont know what was up with me.

Is it sad i enjoy this song? it takes some to admit it.


January 2nd in a photo.


I haven't wrote a blog for a few days! And a lot of great things have happened in those few days. I couldnt think of any better way to start the new year than waking up to such a beutiful sight, even with my bad eyes. I look foward to 2010, for the first year in many. I believe im a lucky person.

I cant understand why chopping up turf with friends is so fun? i spent the last day of 2009 with a spade in my hand and the company of my best friends, countless laughs, interesting times.

Im looking foward to some exciting prospects this year. Still thinking of a resolution, im glad 2009 is over.

Cant wait for summer evenings on the trails, cant wait to spend more time with Miss Schofield, cant wait to start driving, cant wait to own a Caddy, cant wait for my pedals to arrive. Cant wait.