This sound ticks more boxes than the packaging in a Nike shoe shop, (yes i came up with that as i wrote it, so please excuse my poor excuse for wit.) Me and Hannah were talking this morning and she was telling me about her best, most perfect day ever. I was thinking on the way home, i find it impossible to pick a day that i could label the best day of my life, but there is some moments i can think of when you just have to sit back and grin, as they are the moments that you'll never forget, one of which i remembered this morning as this song came on a blank CD i wedged in the player on the way home.

Last year i was biking on a perfectly straight road in the middle of nowhere, it was a Sunday morning so not a car in sight, i had my ipod in and this song was playing, it was loud, but just loud enough so i could hear the noise of a car if one came from behind. Just as the song kicks in (4.02 min) i heard a super loud grumbling noise like a tractor. As i turned my head round to see where it was and got ready to pull over there was nothing there, and the road was clear. As i turned my head back to look in front 5 red arrows flew above me parallel with the road. They were flying so low i could probably have made eye contact with the pilots, as they just came in front of me they all released there coloured smoke and flew directly vertical above my head. It was one of the most amazing things ever, like a one man performance all for me. Its probably a 'you needed to be there moment' but it was truely awesome. Maybe karma paying me a huge bill. Listen to the song.

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