Yeah Dawg. Shakespeare's so G right now.

Riding my 70's British racing green Dawes Galaxy in the pitch black down country roads with lighting so poor the moonlight exceeds it. Listening to Bright eyes. Great.

You can never have too many Tilt-shift videos.

Excellence is not a skill. It is an attitude. - Ralph Marston

Have a good day.


The Black Keys.

You can trust a mutiny BMX web edit to unhinge some gems. Have a listen.

I wonder what the massive percentage of our brains that we don't use was meant for if everything has a purpose. Maybe it lays dormant, or works in ways our stone age medical research can't understand yet. Maybe we do have a sixth sense, and a seven, eighth maybe. That have just been on stand by. Power on.



On SUCH a high at the moment. my brain child idea has had its first outing on the world wide web and been greeted with nothing but excitement and praise. Every time i refresh a page more people 'like' it or comment showing there excitement. In fact. I'm worried something majorly bad is going to happen, all these good feelings will come at a price surly. Karma? Reserved.

I've been enjoying time with friends recently, catching up and sharing stories, comparisons, ideas, and similar thoughts, epiphany's, aspirations. So on. Its fun.

An eye for an eye only ends up making the whole world blind. - Mohandas Gandhi


Massively neglected blog.

Had some odd ball days.
  • Finding wood
  • Taking wood
  • Smashing up the wood
  • Re assembling the wood
  • Nailing and screwing the wood
  • Making a skate park
  • Plain crackers
  • Blue powerade
  • £4.00 jigsaw cutter
  • 2 blunt saws
  • Radio 6 & Planet rock
  • Teaching a trade
  • Cold mornings
  • Hemswell market
  • Vintage road bikes
  • Windproof coats
  • Rat trap pedals
  • Early nights
The trouble with most people is: they think with their hopes, fears or wishes rather than with their minds - Jeffree Star He's a wierd one.


Meet Benedict.

He's pretty ace.

Love never dies of starvation, but often of indigestion. - Ninon de L'Enclos

To feed inspiration off friends, to a point of approaching realites in a diferent light is an amazing thing.More please.

Also. Experenced my first timtam moment. wowee.
BON feelings!



I like that word. Baltic.

I got spotify, wow, why haven't i downloaded this before, or earlier. Pretty impressed!

I'm inspired, Very much so. I purchased issue 2 of the 'bone shaker' magazine from the HOWIES shop (possibly the best shop ever created,) Some amazing stories of epic adventures on 2 wheels. I want to go away on an adventure. I'm already planning weekend excursions.

But of course, you are never alone. Infact i made 3 very dear friends during my trip. They were front wheel, back wheel and chain. We worked as a team each with a different personality. I felt closest to front wheel he tended to be a bit fickle: turning this way and that never able to make up his mind, but brave and fearless prepared to strike out ahead of the others. Now chain she was always cheerful and low maintenance. Chattering away but also with her ups and downs. In some ways she was the driving force behind the whole team, all she needed was a wipe down and a spot of oil every known again.  But perhaps the most neglected was back wheel. He was stocial, a strong and silent type, bearing a heavy load without any complaint. On many occasions i thaught ti should have paid him more attention, but he was difficult to reach. - http://www.boneshakermag.com/

This is so perfect. One of those.

Life is like a 10 speed cycle. Most of us have gears we never use - Charles M. Schulz


First time ever using free wi-fi and first time ever on the iPod, maybe I'm easily pleased and this novelty wears off. Maybe there was no need to google blogspot and spend 12mins off the 15mins free wi-fi trying to type this post. Fail.



What men do after work is what makes them rich.

A clever collection of noise, organized into a uniform fit to call a song. Have a go.

Stick with it. Don't be brash

Just get it done. Now


My 200th post.

Bored yet?

I'm becoming a compulsive. I enjoy hurting myself until i feel a lung being coughed up, until my legs can't support my body weight, until i have to slide my hands off my handlebars because i cant bend my fingers, until my vision fades due to lack of blood to the head. It feels good.

I think i have biked just over 200 miles in the past few days. 50 more today to pick up a tyre. I didn't need too.


Agyness Deyn and vintage bikes. Absolutely

This man. This man. Ruben Alcantara. He does his job, he does it well. Words cant express. You must take 4 mins out. Okay. Go.



Havent been thinking enough nor inspired enough to write a blog for some reason.

My first film came back yesterday, love some of the results. I was weary, I'm usually too much of a perfectionist to let discrepancies pass. But its the imperfections that make the photos. Have a LOOK

The price of anything is the amount of life you exchange for it. - Henry David Thoreau


Ten. Ten. Ten.

"A prisoner of war is a man who tries to kill you and fails, and then asks you not to kill him." - Winston Churchill

Realism, I'm trapped

My bike project (below) has taken a turn, I've swapped the frame for a similar model which is a lot bigger, big enough for my lanky proportions.


So i took a trip to my nans today, and came home with this beaut. One of grandads old racers. I can't wait to get this up and running!

Made in England. Head badge will be re installed on finished bike.
The mudguards, like most components flaked off.
All cable and pump tabs have been cut and filled off.
The rolling chassis. Will be finished in British racing green.

Oh and, new MILKTOOF adventure! you must check it out. Favourite one yet. http://mymilktoof.blogspot.com/

Get. It. Done.


Some people collect cards
Some people collect stamps
Some people collect books
Some people collect photographs
Some people collect memorabilia

Most people collect money
Most peoples collections become obsessive.
Most peoples collections take over there lives.
Most people become to relieant on there collections

Some people read my blog. Then regret wasting there time!


Cant sleep. THIS is wonderful.

In the end, it's not going to matter how many breaths you took, but how many moments took your breath away - Shing Xiong

I'm getting my first 35mm film developed this week, looking forward to seeing the results. Not expecting anything worth sharing. We shall see.

Red Bull rampage was good. Not amazing, kind of an anti climax, the live web feed didn't work to good. Never mind.

When you jump for joy, beware that no one moves the ground from beneath your feet. - Stanislaw Lec

There's something about Credence in the morning.


I have to share this. Incredible tilt shift animation of Berlin.

October already.
Autumn wins you best by this its mute appeal to sympathy for its decay. - Robert Browning