I like that word. Baltic.

I got spotify, wow, why haven't i downloaded this before, or earlier. Pretty impressed!

I'm inspired, Very much so. I purchased issue 2 of the 'bone shaker' magazine from the HOWIES shop (possibly the best shop ever created,) Some amazing stories of epic adventures on 2 wheels. I want to go away on an adventure. I'm already planning weekend excursions.

But of course, you are never alone. Infact i made 3 very dear friends during my trip. They were front wheel, back wheel and chain. We worked as a team each with a different personality. I felt closest to front wheel he tended to be a bit fickle: turning this way and that never able to make up his mind, but brave and fearless prepared to strike out ahead of the others. Now chain she was always cheerful and low maintenance. Chattering away but also with her ups and downs. In some ways she was the driving force behind the whole team, all she needed was a wipe down and a spot of oil every known again.  But perhaps the most neglected was back wheel. He was stocial, a strong and silent type, bearing a heavy load without any complaint. On many occasions i thaught ti should have paid him more attention, but he was difficult to reach. - http://www.boneshakermag.com/

This is so perfect. One of those.

Life is like a 10 speed cycle. Most of us have gears we never use - Charles M. Schulz

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