I'm sat in my coat, hoody, shirt and t-shirt and still shaking, so damn cold! I've got my toes under the radiator and hoping my skinny jeans act as long-johns. Today's been a very good day, right from the get go, i almost have jaw ache from smiling. Spent the morning with Miss Schofield and most the afternoon, she endured another hour mulling round waterstones, this time with results! I purchased 3 new books with Christmas vouchers.
  • 57 and a half innocent fruit smoothie recipes (this is going to come in handy and save me lots of money!)
  • The Hobbit - had to be done, i even went full bore and bought the more expensive hardback
  • And an amazing little handbook called 'keep calm and carry on' full of amazing little quotes, every time i open it i find something else just as amusing as the last.
Life is a ship wreck, but we must not forget to sing in the life boats

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