Ive not let a movie get me upset before, usually you can shrug it off with "meh its hardly real anyway."  Marley and me was a bit different, as its a film a lot of viewers can relate to, i watched it in the best company as well, even if i was a big soppy one. This weekend has been good, oh yes. If every weekend could reflect this one in one form or another I'd be a very happy person, not that I'm not already. I need to get on the game though, worst result in a race i think i have ever had, i was disappointed, this was lifted by the sense of making miss Schofield proud, the feeling was ofcourse mutual.

We made skittle vodka today, its already turned diferent colours and shapes, looking foward to se how it turns out. It'll be like tasting a triple distilled rainbow i'm guessing.

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