In dodgy towns like Market Rasen there's always some interesting characters, one of which was Uncle Brian. He walked with a major limp, a stereotypical zombie stance, one leg bigger than the other Joby. Nine o'clock every night Tescos put out reduced food, things for as little as a penny, you could set your watch by Brian walking past the house en route for bargains, always watching the floor, and often bending down to pick up pennies. I prefer to call him good with his money, i imagine he owns a small fortune, he was that kind of person. For his whole life he lived in a tiny house with his brother, working 12 hours days as a butcher.

He just saw 2010 in, not going to a doctor for over 20 years, he was found in the freeze room at work, in the early hours of the 2nd of January. Loved by many I'm sure his send off will be a big one, i look forward to hearing stories about him I'm not yet familiar with. It will also be interesting to know exactly whats in the 7 garages he owned as well as the vintage cars. Inspiring.

I've made a new web shop for my company, i hope it makes me more sales www.fatalitybmx.bigcartel.com those queens head papers can come in handy. Skegness skatepark today Ashley knocked himself out, i didnt ride for 3 hours only to do all my riding in the last 15 mins, i dont know what was up with me.

Is it sad i enjoy this song? it takes some to admit it.

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