24 hour mountain bike race around a course 90% uphill and roughly 10miles long.

Quite possibly one of the hardest things i have ever done.
And best things i have ever done.

I could certainly get used to races like that, the people, the atmosphere and the effort and perseverance. i like to push myself.

 Baby Huskie at the weekend.
 Our Home made signs.
 Medal for completing the 24hours.
 Cider of choice at the local. amazing place, amazing people.
 Spotty the horse at Jays house.

Last week was also spent seeing a great friend and inspiration at certain intervals when i had time. Some people are blissfully unaware of there amazing energy and presence. This unapparent modesty makes them so fantastic. 

I was never good at creative writing at school. School. What a joke. Ha. Now i seem to enjoy it.
Listen. Now.

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