This is a long one as i have neglected my Blog this past few days, I've broke it up a bit with pics etc.

First off, i have an amazing new CD full of fantastic sounds thanks to Miss' Schofield, such amazing tracks include
  • King Blues
  • Smashing pumpkins
  • Gogol
  • Mr Scruff
  • Priestess
  • Libertines
And many more, its most certainly my happy time CD.
I need this tattooed already.

I don't know anything better than being by yourself on a bike ride. I'm a person who needs and highly enjoys 'down time,' time by yourself to think and clear your mind, or to break from repetition. If i don't have my fix i tend to switch off or go blank with emotion or feeling. It's weird, i cant explain. I don't know whether it's natural

But i do know riding my bike down a single road with the sun radiating my arms and my sunglasses catching the sweat of my forehead, coughing up a lung from pedalling so hard, being overtaken by a horse and carriage followed by a big old red tractor whilst listening to smashing pumpkins was bliss.

This photo is why i enjoy post, i received a postcard from Poland today! I like surprises like that, happy happy. And Mr Scruff tickets came, I'm looking forward to this, as I'm unsure of what to expect, its a 5 HOUR set, should be interesting.

I'm going to leave anyone bored enough to be reading my blog, and get this far down with, what i still regard as the most intense and incredible song ever. I've posted it before, but it deserves a re-post. This is Billy Corgan recruiting the best of the best musicians to re-make the smashing pumpkins. Absolutely EPIC.

Have a good day!

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