I'm slacking on the blog front, I'm trying to think of interesting things to write for anyone reading this, including my followers (wowee! thankyou :) ) My posts generally concern thoughts and perceptions taken for granted that confuse me.

But anyway, Today has been a busy day although in the whole part enjoyable i guess, i cant complain. A major disappointment and a question of friendship, loyalty and principles towards the end was a bit of a downer. Enough about that though.

I was getting off the train, when i happened to glance over and catch the eye of a kid no more than 15 sat with an unlit fag in his mouth supping a can of guinness 'What the fook you looking at' he said. I didn't want to tell him.

Argh my first film didn't come out at the photographers, i must have loaded it wrong. Gutted.

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  1. lol i love kids like that..yes they're rude. but i wish i'd that nerve. I'm generally too shy/polite -_-
    And it's your blog, people will be interested to hear anything. you don't have to find something specifically interesting, you can just say how your day went or something you're thinking of. Something you like to do, places you like/want to see. etc. absolutly anything. you'll have readers :]
    Glad you'd a good day, sorry about your friend


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