Its been a busy and, kind of eventful week, so not much activity on here.

Hannah and I both witnessed first hand the reason British seaside resorts are a no go. Cleethorpes is. Well.

I have been in meeting about a new T-shirt line I'm bringing out with my company Fatality Bmx, this is exciting.

Eye appointments also, one yesterday, another today, its all good.


Something that was totally awesome this week, i got a parcel through from my friend Rushby. He said a good few weeks ago 'hey I'll make you a CD you'll like' Okay i thought, should be cool. This came through the post, he's put such an effort into it, which makes me listen to it with more intent. The music is fantastic. Actually wow. With the most stunning album cover also. Thankyou Rushby

All in all a good week i guess, today's Doc's may say otherwise, but hey, my shuffle is full of nice sounds, and my road bike is running fine.

Lets Go.

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