I got a parcel from Howies this morning, it was so different, individual and certainly made a statement. I love the company ethos and it really made me think. I need a niche like this.


So, today i got up extra early and biked to Lincoln (about 18 miles my way there,) with it being so early, in turn, it was very cold, i had to ride with my hands in fists to keep my fingers warm. I got there. See, the reason i was going i didn't tell anyone, was to take my theory driving test, I have been revising for a while now and was confident about it, all the way there i was going through things in my head. Naturally i entered the building feeling confident and good, i was asked to sit down and read a card about the text, next to me another guy sat, his hands were shaking that much i a surprised he could even read it. Nerves. Once reading it i stood up, handed it back and was ready to go and put my hours of preporation to use. I thaught.

I didn't realise you needed a 'paper licence' too.

Denied, told to leave, £53 down the drain, fingers still frozen in the shape of fists and an extra long cycle ride back home.

The End.

On a good note, my i pod shuffle gave me this. The world seemed happy again.

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  1. aw, im sorry it didnt work out :/
    it seems so different there. I'd a class in school, and then you just need a few identification papers and you can take the test..but i failed..twice lol. But at least i eventually got it, right? lol
    you'll get it next time, now you know how it goes


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