My Burgtecs

I bought these pedals in summer 2006, this week i have let them go, in there place will soon be a pair of Burgtec Mk3 pedals, this, i am excited for. But these guys have been everywhere with me. Toodle pip.

My friend Steve is going to Greece for 6 months working doing bike tours, to say i am jelous is an understatement, maybe some time soon i will do something similar. Please.

These last few days have been good, sun shining, many road miles clocked up, there is still no better feeling than a long bike ride in the sun. When on a road by yourself, with just your thoughts as company you over think a lot, and think in depth, i love it. I've came to realise a big fear of mine is the idea of routine and certainty, on every scale.

I was thinking, I'd love to one day say in conversation 'hey, remember that site called facebook?'

It's funny, i think of a lot of things and think 'Ah that'd be something to blog, but when this 'new post' box is up my my goes a blank.

Print screen.

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