Okay, so this is the reason my blog has been neglected, lots of time being put into this, i resembled a zebra today, alternating the black and white paint. You have to use your imagination a bit with these pics.

Lastly the nice man from next door gave me - sugar, tea bags, coffee, milk and creme!


  1. is that the garage you were talking about?
    im jealous, i think it looks like fun to redo it/paint it lol
    and..i got a bike :]
    now i get to have fun falling off it >_>

  2. Yes it was! :) haha it has been fun, but also stressful, and not too good for my lungs, the paint fumes are bad!

    Awh, but its all good fun, you'll be hooked im sure :)

  3. lol it sort of is..once i started to not fall>_> I so feel like I was supposed to learn this when I was like six
    but I'm not sure if it'd be good if I was hooked to be honest.. I've been going back and forth with it lately. If you've read my blog you may have noticed it's a bit pro-ana. not as much as some, but I am for that..the guy I like knows, cuz he was..not pro-ana, but was anorexic and all knew the 'signs' and whatever. "Eat more. less exercise" ..so not sure I want to..but I want him happy..
    now i'm sorry for this longish comment..and bringing you into that but yeah.. undecided if it'd be a good thing or not. >_>
    your garage is looking good now btw.
    I didn't know how that'd work btw, to have other blogs I follow that aren't for that..it's cool to just ignore that part, right?


What say yee?