Oh my Gosh.

Without sounding like a young teenage girl, i cant actually wait for Leeds now. I mean, Arcade Fire, Crystal Castles, Cypress Hill, Blink 182, Limp Bizkit, QOTSA, Yeasayer and of course Gogol Bordello. I am going to buy as much purple as i can for that one. Happy times, Thankyou ever so much Hannah. Happy days.

You really must watch this video, its full of joy.


  1. haha. It's totally okaii to sound like a teenage girl when you're excited for something like that...but then, this is coming from a teenage girl >_>
    Is that like warped tour here?

  2. haha! :) i think its similar yes, Leeds/Reading ar ethe bigger Festivals over here. Well excited! eeeee


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