You know, weird topic for me to write about or even suggest i know, but its on my mind so hey, it goes on my blog.

I find the look of La Roux so fresh and pure and it is so so nice. The complete lack of make-up, sure shes been photo shopped a bit and has some on, but the fact shes so minimal and clean is, to me its really attractive. I didn't realise or even take note until my friend from Germany Eva commented to me after a visit to the UK how the majority of girls our age dresses up for daily routine like they are going for a night out, and its so true. Anyway blabla, you could say it grinds my gears, but it doesn't really, its just nice to see some fresh, clean, happy faces. Happy days.

Digging down the park today, so much hassle, we are getting there, it seems everything wants to hold us back.
  • Lorry ordered was wrong (and cancelled)
  • Tractor trailer orders cancelled on us
  • New tractor/trailer gets stuck in field on first run
  • JCB snaps chain in half pulling it out
  • JCB then gets puncture on the way back to fill up
Tomorrow is a new day, and a new tractor trailer. This song is Apt. Freaking out indeed

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