Well, yesterday (Monday) was 'one of those days.' It wasn't over fast enough and I'm glad to see the back of it.
  • bike puncture in the morning
  • couldn't fix puncture
  • had to get train (spending money, my pet hate.)
  • Made a fool of myself on the train when i didn't recognise someone i should have known, only to have slurred conversation with, i didn't know what i was saying,.
  • Find out the train to Hykem has an hour and a half wait.
  • Decide to walk from Lincoln train station to Hykem
  • 2 hours of full on walking later, i arrive
  • Feeling ill and knackered, tried to fix puncture. Went down
  • Fixing it the second time, goes down again
  • Beans for the day come out the can with a strange white froth Ergh!
  • Decide to make a cup of tea after all this. Milk had gone off, white lumps everywhere.
Anyways, today is a new day, and a good one so far. Happy days.

Being peer pressured my mum into a tattoo, any ideas?


  1. Glad you're having a better day today :]
    and..i'm so just going to blame my americanness for not understanding it right >_> you're pressuring your mum to get a tattoo, or she's pressuring you? o.O

  2. Ah thankyou! :) haha well, since she got a small tattoo on her Hip shes became amazed by them, shes wanting another one and insisting i go with her and we get one together! I've agreed as long as she pays haha :)

  3. lol that's cool :]
    I want a few
    what are you thinking of getting?

  4. Do it! :)
    I'm thinking about getting an equilateral triangle like on my blogs, just a simple outline or single colour.

    They are the strongest shape known to man and equal in every single way. So its kind of a symbol of strength and equality in my opnion :)

  5. I would..but i'm not old enough yet lol
    i want japanese kanji on my back..not sure what i want it to say yet and "37" on the inside of my left wrist
    I never thought of a triange as a symbol of strength and equality..but i like it
    tell me if it hurts >_< lol


What say yee?