I don't know if I've been over this, but, the word 'content'

It confuses me a lot, if someone says they are content, does this mean there happy / it'll do, i guess / could be better but I'm comfortable with this. I don't know, does it mean, I'm happy, i don't want anything other? Hey i don't know, its not a word in the dictionary of Ben anyway. No thank you.

Fantabulus, now that's a word. It means fantastic and fabulous, its in Ben's dictionary as its a straightforward word meaning blady marvelous. Yes

Sunshine - wheels - friends - laughs - waking up to the sound of birds - Hannah's 'I'm mad at you but I'm also about to burst out laughing face' - the thought of ice cold Cider - Single lane roads with a single geared bike - scooting pallet trucks - Tuna in spring water. I've enjoyed today. Seans acoustic set at the George, better be off.

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