Hey Ben

Keep me posted on whatever you have going on over there and i will
make sure we get stuff online whenever there is news. I thought the
front hub looks amazing by the way, i might have to get one off you at
some point soon. Cheers Ben!


Ah email like that from people high up in the BMX industry do get me excited, this is Fred editor of DIG MAG, exciting times.


This word is possibly a word i despise the most, its a very effortless and over used adjective, i admit I'm an arse for using it a lot too. It doesn't actually mean anything, other than, 'satisfying, but not awesome and amazing' or 'okay, okay that's fine with me.' Gah. I think I'm going to go on a 'cool' detox. But also, labelling someone as COOL, surely that means there okay but not great? there not Red Hot nor Ice Cold, there just average. Meh. Shut up Ben

Now this song is cool . . . . . yes i know i know

Are my comments working now?

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  1. haha yaaay its working again :) and hello whats wrong about cool, its one of my filling words all the time, you know it Ben. so shut up :P xxxxxxx


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