I found these pics on Liz's blog, they IS exactly how i see my future house being, its incredible, love it.
It's been so hot today, like, SO HOT. I'm not complaining, i want my road bike to hurry itself up and get here.

The greatest mistake a man could make is to be affraid of making one - Elbert Hubbard


  1. ohmygosh. I am jealous of that house |:
    its been hot here too, but we've had lots of rain/a few tornados
    but you can enjoy the sun you love :]
    i'll so keep england's rain ;p

  2. haha Ben! i havent seen your quote on here. just reading your blog now and well we had like the same thought ;) ive posted on fb: "the biggest mistakes are those you never made" BOB xxx


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