Lots of words, here me out.
Press play on this video, then read on.

Old song, not heard that often, good though, non the less. Lost in the archives you could say.

On Monday, whilst helping out packing orders i started singing (badly) with words substituted with mumbling this song to my friend Luke. Don't know why. Or where it came from.

On Saturday i changed banks, it was a weird choice and quite nervy for some reason, never liked banks, nor understood them if I'm honest.

Now, coincidence or not, I'm unsure, but when in the Que at my new bank today, paper work for anything and everything important 'HSBC radio' came on. 'Beautiful south - Rotterdam.' Kinda made my face tingle, was a happy thaught, sublime. Good. I mean, what are the chances?

But now, I've started reading 'The Secret' after my friend Eva's enthusiasm towards it, the book talks about the law of attraction, and how you attract these things to you. i can't explain it. But it really makes you think. I would suggest going and buying it.

Good times.

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