I would very much like one of these please.
The Lomo Spinner 360, you can take 360 full panoramic pictures! looks amazing fun. I've just ordered myself an Holga 135BC. Need to get something fresh in the mix of things, so this may prove exciting.
Following on from my previous post, 'good day/bad day song' I've figured this could very much change daily. Right now though :

Good day, the 3.08 mins that can maintain the best moods, adore this song.

Bad day song, a song that can turn around a bad day maybe. OR a song that can relate to your bad ways, i dunno, but this song feels fitting.

Don't look back into the sun. . .


  1. Wow, I've seen a lomo that took a 180 degree span but but this takes the biscuit and eats it noisily.

  2. waaaah you found it on youtube?! :D awesome!!


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