Hospital waiting rooms can be a pretty mundane and horrible place. Not today.

I had to wait 2 hours 30 mins before being called in. This time was spent, like the rest of the patients, angled on my chair slightly towards the old man, Tom Hill, who sat in his wheel chair and entertained us with his stories, solutions and ideas. Apparently we all have a stamp on our back that we cant see, the stamp is the date of our death. Apparently his detailed vine walking stick cost him £100 and he varnished it himself. He's good with computers, he emailed ITV they emailed him back personally as he got in touch expressing his disgust towards the 'I'm a celebrity' trailers, Tom doesn't like spiders. He's been married to for 32 years to the woman sat by his side, who spent most the evening with her palm over her face aside Toms funny stories, often about her.

People can be great. I was aptly named Mr 3.30 (my appointment time) and when i was finally called in Tom started a choir of applause as i walked through them all.

My trouble facing social events needs to be addressed. Maybe.

I'm seeing this tomorrow, the premiere. Can. Not. Wait.

Surreal but nice - Notting hill

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  1. Enjoyed my time meeting Tom through your words.
    He sounds like a quirky little character, ha, and 32 years is a hell of a long time if you think about the length of an hour, day, month, year...suddenly 32 years.

    And that premiere trailers looks REALLY strange I've got to say :)


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