I'm guessing your reading this as you have a spare few minutes, and your wondering what I'm mumbling about today. So, as your here. Kick it back. make sure your not muted and add a spoon full of flavoured beats to your day, it will make it taste a lot better. Play.

Got my 3rd film developed, although i think i had my Holga set to 'bulb' setting and a silly long shutter speed by accident. Booo. Anyway, I've put a few on FLICKR Have a go.

A to B  is more fun when you are the engine - Howies

Winter survival kit.
  • Lots of tea
  • Cosy blankets
  • Homely soups
  • Thick socks
  • Chocolate
  • Plenty of dry logs
  • Matches
  • Some good books
  • The Knowledge that no winter can last forever. - Howies

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