It's just one of those days. I'm going to call it winter blues.
This cursor can't sit here blinking much longer but i can't put stuff into words for some reason.

Severe lack of motivation frustrates me. What also frustrates me is the feeling of not going anywhere, whilst everyone around you is coming on leaps and bounds, and at the same time forgetting about you. Ha. Listen to me. Melodramatic ponce.

I enjoyed a 10mile walk in the snow this morning, with The XX and Karen O as appreciated company.

I need that enthusiasm to create something great.

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  1. Ahh I'm always looking forward to the little tune bar thingies you post :)

    When I get the lack-of-motivation feeling I usually just want to sleep. But that's wasting time so then I make myself a tea and that USUALLY motivates me to do more, somehow.

    And also, "own a Great Dane caled LOL and a donkey called Parsnip" <---Brilliant! Ha, that did make me smile.

    And I want it to snow in London :( Jealous of the walk you mentioned.

    Anyway, have an amaze week!



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