Laura Marling. - Goodbye England (covered in snow)
Easily becoming one of my favourite artists this winter. Beaut.

Listening to this song whilst taking rat dog for a walk today. So, if you press play, squint your eyes a bit and look at the next few photos i may have succeed in painting you a picture. A dull grey one. Its all i got to work with.

Do you ever wonder how the 'butterfly effect' has effected you? i mean, we can't go back in time like in the movie, but what small things have happened in the past that have influenced you to be where you are today?

I'm pretty sure if we didn't move into a rural house when i was little, and my next door neighbour didn't tolerate 5 year old me trying to fix the bikes he put on the front lawn to sell, then i wouldn't be me.

Maybe i think too much. Maybe. Maybe.

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  1. Ohhh that song is pretty. And 'Beaut' is probably my most used word, ha! Well, if you can call it a word.
    Lovely, subtle photographs - 'dull grey' is not a bad thing at all...I guess it just evokes different emotions.

    And whatever you were thinking about in your last paragraphs may make sense to you, but i don't know what the hell you were talking about :) Even though I read it twice.

    And OH MY, I watched the video you linked me. Couldn't have seen a cuter thing...and those pinky paws! =']

    Oh and, the post you posted before about the tea - that's the most accurate definition I have seen yet.

    Okay I should really finish now :)



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