I've had a horribly neglected blog the past few days/week.. or so.

Had a good week.

So, so happy with this. Review on my pedals in the UK's biggest BMX mag. Happy. Days.

One person with a belief is equal to a force of ninety-nine who have only interests. - Peter Marshall


  1. My god I've neglected my blog soooo much also and only just got back into it a few days ago.
    Those sheep look incredibly furry! Craviing a sheep cuddle, ha :)

    And sadly I don't think I understand what that last image is =]

  2. OHHH.
    Jeehze what a dunce I couldn't work out what you meant by them being your pedals. Your company - right, now I get it, ha! Did NOT connect it with that - I was wondering how you made those mechanical-looking thingos...
    Silly moment.

    Though they "ooze quality" hahaha!! Love that bit.


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