To the Shire

After being in London for a few days i really do appreciate the country that bit more. Big cities really ain't for me, nor is the lifestyle, i lost some major keeping it real points, it was fun, and so appreciated. There was a point on my weekend. my hearing did that auto mute thing, like you were underwater, i stared into the side of my bottle of overpriced cider, it reflected the hundreds of lights above me from the restaurant, looked pretty awesome, and this song was playing, very subtle in the background. Wanted to laugh, it wasn't going to dilute my sanity like the millions of others. 

At Christmas we had those decorative dried pine cones, ours still had seeds in, i came home to find this, one I planted. quite excited.

It's all good. 

All is connected... no one thing can change by itself. - Paul Hawken

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