I think you should click on the link below and give your ears something to wake up too. Please! (Juice + Syrup)


Yay, 'Congratulations' are the re-formed Eskimo and sons, this makes me very happy, this new song is perfect for a morning times. My cuppa tea is dancing aswell, or maybe i have it turned up too much. Nah

Okay, SO

If anyone has been good enough, and bored enough i imagine, to read my blog, you would know I've been putting together a bit of album artwork for my uncle. It's pretty much done now, i guess i can share one of my images up here.
I've had a really nice Monet calender up in my room this year and never used it. I'm going to go draw on it.

Let me know what you think of my new favourite song.

For a greedy man, even his tomb is too small. - Tajikistani Proverb

OH AND this is on the way!

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