'You are currently in que position 1'

Beware of little expenses; A small leak will sink a great ship - Benjamin Franklin

Assumption is often wrong, i assume. - Benjamin Hildred

Yeah i made that last one up on a bike ride yasterday.

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  1. ofc i dont mind, even though you already did ;p lol
    and you're right, i'm open on here..but idk. it seems different.. Here people follow you because they like you, so sharing something else isnt going to change their mind, and they support whatever you do and don't comment if they don't or can't think of anything to say..but if i got silence..i'd take it as rejection, and I guess I'm afraid that like if i were to be all open, he'd see me how i see myself..I don't want him to hate me >_<
    but yeah... i dont want to rant in your comment >_> sorry

    And I like your quote up there ^ btw ^_^


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