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Download - A 30 year old rock festival taken place at Donington park every year, originally called 'monsters of rock' then 'Ozzfest,' the line-up has often included Iron Maiden, ACDC, Black Sabbath, Slipknot, Van Halen, Meat Loaf, Motley Crew to name a few.

A few of my friends went this year, the line up, again looked amazing, ACDC and Rage Against the Machine obviously grabbed my attention. Jealous was I.

So when my friend Sam Offered me a free ticket to go and see them, it had to be done really! although i did question whether it was a good idea or not, I am so, so glad i went, absolutely incredible. ACDC were, i don't know really, i don't think you can argue with a steam engine exploding onto stage and 21 cannons firing into the audience between firework displays and church bells hanging from the purpose made stage.

But of course. Without a doubt, possibly the most amazing 2 hours ever, possibly period, was seeing Rage, i can not describe. There was a moment, that if you could save an image in your mind USB and keep hold of it. Tom Morello stood, silhouetted in the Rage red star, fist in the air, with 'Arm the Homeless' painted across his guitar. Just. Wow.

I no longer know what to write. Below is the UK 2009 Christmas number one from last night, i was stood right near this guy just a bit to the right, Sam is in the middle of the frame, long hair, taller than the rest, fist in the air. Fun times.

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