The worlds a playground
You know that when your a kid
But somewhere along the way you forget it.

Still think this is one of the BEST songs going. Period. Smashing pumpkins. Superchrist

I read this, have to share it, i think it applies to a lot of sports. BMX, MTB, snowboarding. It all infects you.

BMX does something to you. It's not obvious at first, but over time it becomes undeniable that the very act of flying through the air and progressing on a bike changes you as a person. I didn't know it at the time, but for every session i had, every time i picked up my bike, the fire inside would be fuelled, the desire for progression and new experience would grow. The lack of rules and boundaries attracts people to BMX and goes on to promote a heightened degree of free-thinking, which in-turn incubates the ideas that you really can do that what you imagine - whether that be on your bike or with your life. BMX teaches you that you can do whatever you want - and quite simply, that is the most important lesson you can ever learn.

Have a GOOD* day. 

*Freakin awesome!

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