Back on this Island.

After a great long weekend away, certainly an eye opening trip, to a country of common sense, correct priorities and no inhibition.

I'm sat listening to this right now, i suggest you press play too.

Everything I've ever questioned or suggested about the day to day state of peoples suggested living in the UK was answered in a weekend of riding my bike around Holland.

Myself and 3 friends did around 200 miles, not once did we touch a road.

Rotterdam - beautiful city, everyone rides bikes, everyone. You would see business men cycling round in suits with briefcases in pursuit, travelling this way as its efficient, fast, easy, cheap. Not driving a BMW as a status symbol for 45mins, 3 miles down the road to keep an inflated ego aloft.
The main road through Rotterdam separated, in the middle of the road was a massive skatepark, live DJ's, MC's, rap battles. Everyone having a great time. Enjoying life.
Buildings that were jaw dropping, boats in rivers you could look at for hours, hospitality, smiles, happiness. It was all there.

Amsterdam - Again lovely place, too much of a holiday destination though, too touristy in my opinion. Sadly i gave myself quite bad sun stroke cycling there and spent my time feeling very sick and cold, i couldn't do much.

The only down side to Holland was the lack of cider. They didn't even know what it was! apart from Irish pubs.

Back in the UK, cycle paths covered in glass, impatient drivers aggravated at the sight of a cyclist, I've been back a day and have a new trip planned already. Lets go.

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