'Do what makes you happy'

The staple quote that everyone should obide by. Some where along the path though it's forgotten by many. Sadly. Get on it.

Cycling home from an enjoyable night with friends on Saturday morning i biked straight into some sort of cycle race. It was a sunny morning, no winds, perfect to be out. Myself in Vans classics, skinny black jeans and a white T-shirt, pushing a 70's single speed road bike, recieved some vicious stares from the lycra clad groups of cyclists adorned their carbon steeds. I imagine many of these angry men and women had probably forgot the reason they started cycling in the first place, nor still get any satisfaction in it. 

Their was one guy though, at the back of the big groups of pedal pushers, he resembled Sheldon Brown, whilst i was smiling at the other 'roadys' trying to get some sort of neutural reaction he had already made eye contact, his bike was old and battered, he wasn't wearing any high tech kit, as he pottered past he smiled and gave me a salute. This guy was keeping it real. He knew why he was out riding his bike. He was enjoying himself.

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