I've been watching a lot of propaganda videos recently, videos that question everything we are told or fed from the news, by people in power.

Its quite alarming, certainly eye opening and entails you unable to watch the news again without questioning everything, murders, money issues, government quibbles, even football scores. But i like it. It's almost like an inside peek of whats really happening, I've read the blurb on the back of the 'real world' book and assuming the story inside.

Really looking forward to this weekend, its a Lincoln small 2 day festival, and in all honesty i haven't heard of many bands, nor am fussed about hearing them, its the atmosphere I'm looking forward too, having lots of friends in one place. Fun times.

Blogs are few and far between at the moment, apologies, lots going on lately. When i do write one though, i try make it matter.

Watch this.

Hopefully you catch my drift now.

Enjoy your weekend.

Impersonation is the biggest form of flattery

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